How to tell children that they were born with help of IVF

Comments: 0 | July 4th, 2016

In modern world, in vitro fertilization has become one of the standard method of infertility treatment. Many people find this method unusual and exotic. Therefore, they do not know how to tell the children that they were born with the help of artificial insemination and whether they should know about this?

All children sooner or later ask parents how they were born. They want to know where they have come from, in order to feel safe. Children, born with help of IVF, do not differ from those who are born with the natural way. That’s why these issues are typical for them, but how to respond and prepare the child – knows not everyone.

Psychologists believe that the kid should know the truth only if he asks about it. To such questions are not caught you by surprise, you need to prepare the answers in advance. Children want to know the answers, if it’s difficult for you to answer, they will ask someone else, and this answer will not satisfy you. Stories about birth should be correspond to the age of baby.

How and at what age is better to tell about the birth of a child?

4 years old. At this age, it is not necessary to tell the children about the features of artificial insemination. At first, you can just tell the difference between girls and boys and give answers to questions where babies have come from. You should talk about this calmly and naturally, he shouldn’t feel himself defective.

8-9 years old. To tell about various ways of childbirth (including IVF) can only be in case if he asks about it. Psychologists advise to tell that just by using this method, his parents were able to have a baby. Into details of such method is better not to enter. When the child grows up and he has the desire, he will learn more about it.

Do not be afraid of such questions. Many parents carefully hide the reality from their children, but they can find out it because of unfriendly neighbors, friends, etc. This situation can cause psychological harm to the child, and spoil relations with parents. If you decide on such an important step as IVF, you should understand that it is best to prepare the baby to reality since childhood. Do not refuse from answering questions or read medical articles for the child. Your child deserves to know the truth.

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