Surrogacy in India. End of “surrogacy tourism”

Comments: 0 | November 13th, 2014

For many years, India was one of the leading surrogacy countries in the world. But it’s quite possible that soon Indian surrogacy tourism will be banned because of the demand of Indian Catholic Church.

Nearly one month ago a huge national symposium on the subject of “’Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the Gift of Human Life” was held in Goregaon. Around 400 priests, fertility specialists, lawyers and social workers were discussing surrogacy issue in their country.

The latest investigations confirm that Indian surrogates are usually from poor and adverse families encouraged to join surrogacy being “temped” by some gratuity and prospects of better life. As a matter of fact, during surrogacy pregnancy Indian surrogates have to live in special surrogate hostels apart from their families. At once after the childbirth doctors take a baby away and on no account allow a surrogate mother to see or breastfeed him.

Bishop Agnelo Gracias claimed: “Vulnerable and marginalized women lured to rent their wombs are treated like commodities. This disregards their dignity as human beings, women, wives and mothers. The prolonged separation and confinement to surrogate hostels wrenches women away from their own biological families. The commissioning parents, agents and concerned medical centers control the delivery process through their monetary power invariably forcing unwarranted caesarian sections increasing maternal morbidity and mortality.”

Taking to the account all the aspects of surrogacy in India, church representatives strongly appeal to the Supreme Court to ban surrogacy in India and, in such a way, stop the “moral fall” of Indian women.

On the other hand, Catholic Church blames euthanasia (mercy killing). No matter if it’s conducted on person free-will. In any case, it’s a deliberate act of taking away a person’s life.

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