In Latvia, egg donation will be soon prohibited for nulliparous women

Comments: 0 | May 24th, 2016

According to statistics in Europe, 11-13% of couples suffer from a problem of infertility. In more than half of cases such couples need donor egg cells. Despite this, the Latvian Parliament is working on a prohibition of egg donation for nulliparous women. Today to participate in the egg donation program in Latvia still can both types of women (nulliparous women and those who have given  birth to a child) from 18 to 35 years.

Motives of egg donation prohibition

The main argument of egg donation prohibition is that the donation of genetic material for nulliparous women is very risky. This may cause substantial harm to the health of the donor. In Latvia want to protect women from the risk, because lots of them take part in the program only because of the financial reward.

Dissemination of information about egg donation prohibition for women who have no children, has caused  tempestuous discussion. Girls do not agree with the proposed amendments to the law on reproductive health. They want to continue to make their own decisions about egg donation in Latvia. In social networks, there is an active discussion of such prohibition. In addition, on one of the Latvian public portals is carried out the collection of signatures in support of women’ rights.

The opinion of physicians about egg donation in Latvia

In Latvia, the average age of women, who gave birth to a first child, reaches 29 years old. In this case, after the introduction of prohibition, the young girl will not be able to participate in the donation program. That’s why, opponents of the prohibition are reproductologists. They argue that it may be shortage of donor material. In fact, after 30 years in a woman’s body is gradually reducing the number and quality of oocytes, increasing the probability of chromosomal mutations.

Supporters of the prohibition are the gynecologists. They believe that egg donation can cause infertility or development of cancer. They emphasize the absolute absence of any consideration of egg donors. Thus women can be donors unlimited number of times, which causes various health problems.

Reproductologists deny this information, because as a result of the research, harm has not been proved. They are confident that after the introduction of prohibition, efficacy of infertility treatment in Latvia will significantly decrease .

It was decided to make a final discussion of amendments to the law on reproductive health. Unfortunately, soon the problem of infertility in Latvia may be exacerbated.

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