VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch-Tage in Berlin 2020


On March 7, 2020, the Kinderwunsch-Tage event was held in Berlin, thanks to which everyone who dreams about a child or who wants to keep abreast of news about infertility treatment got new experience, knowledge and help.
In contrast with last year’s exhibition, we noticed some positive changes. People who visited Kinderwunsch-Tage this year became more open to reproductive infertility treatments and were more likely to communicate with doctors and clinic representatives. Last year, men and women were afraid to talk about their problem and were wary of reproductive centers, but now, the desire to have their own child has given them more confidence and strength to achieve their goal.

VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch-Tage in Berlin 2020The managers Ekaterina and Irina, and marketer Vladimir were the representatives from our agency (from left to right on the picture). They consulted potential parents and attended seminars on fertility, surrogacy and the legal aspects of fertility treatment using reproductive medicine for German parents.

VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch-Tage in Berlin 2020VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch-Tage in Berlin 2020The program was rich and informative for each visitor and representative of the clinic, because about 60 lectures and seminars were held during 2 days of the event.
You can find more information about the Kinderwunsch-Tage event on the official website.

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    Parenthood can bring up lots of questions, uncertainties, and concerns. Don’t worry. Our knowledge and experience already helped couples to shed light on all aspects of this issue. With our assistance and guidance you will easily become one of them – the happy parents

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    VittoriaVita at the Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin
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