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BabyWunsch largest fertility journal in Europe carefully draws expert conclusions and informs the reader about current opportunities in the fields of fertility, Kinderwunschmedizin and adoption. Therefore, in the latest issue, which is published once a year on October 10, BabyWunsch published an article about VittoriaVita. As readers value BT Verlag Zeitschriftenhaus for helpful and truthful information, we are particularly pleased to find ourselves on their list of the best reproductive clinics.
European magazine noted VittoriaVita, because thanks to the joint work of qualified specialists (doctors, embryologists, lawyers, translators, managers, surrogate mothers and others) more than 700 couples from different countries, including Germany, have entrusted us their dream and became happy parents.

What you can find useful in the article?

Page # 57 of BabyWunsch Magazine 2019 discusses surrogacy motherhood and IVF programs that we offer to couples from all over the world on an all-inclusive basis. You will learn about the legislation of Ukraine in relation to surrogacy and paperwork for a child. It also contain a list of what a foreign couple who wants to use the services of surrogacy in Ukraine should know.

We are always open and ready to answer any of your questions. For more information on surrogacy and IVF programs at VittoriaVita, please contact our manager by clicking here

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