Liz Maitland

Land: England
Datum: 26.01.2018

I have been so impressed by Anna’s expertise and kindness that she totally sold your amazing agency to us.
Anna is always on hand to answer questions and give advise…

Anna keeps us uptodate and informed – she answers all her calls and emails within the day. Anna is outstanding – she has become a great friend who we cant wait to meet. Ronald and I have every confidence in her. We were so impressed that she found an exact egg donor for us from her wide data base – with the same features and educational back ground. We would like to thank you and Anna for this amazing opportunity – we are so excited. I have told many other UK surrogates how perfect Anna and your “Guarenteed surrogacy scheme is and I know they will be ringing you to find out more. Thank you both again – it is an amazing gift you are giving couples like us. Best wishes, Liz Maitland

“Review was left after arrival to Ukraine”

I am so glad we choose Anna and Sergii to help us they are incredible. We began our surrogacy journey with them today. They make everything so easy. We had a lovely time with them. Best clinic so quick, kind and helpful – tomorrow we meet our lovely surrogate and I can’t wait. would highly recommend this agency Thank you guys you are the best!

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