Become mother in 60 via IVF

Comments: 0 | June 12th, 2015

Even in 60-es it’s possible to become pregnant

Indian woman made unbelievable. Being in her 60-es Punji Patel carried and gave birth to a 3,9kg healthy boy on her own due to the usage of in-vitro fertilization procedure.  “It’s a real miracle to become a mother at this age”, said Punji.

Her husband Ranchod and she were married for nearly 35 years. About 15 years ago Punji  had menopause and suffered from atrophic uterus.

During long period of time all the attempts of spouses  to conceive failed. Punji and Ranchod not just visited different hospitals, temples but even holy men but without any successful result.

Not hesitating about age, Punji was sure that she would be able to bear a child and her own. In such a way, couple applied to the fertility center. As the compensation for many years of hope, Punji got pregnant from her first IVF attempt. Luckily, husband’s sperm cells were appropriate for fertilization.

Dr. Damani, Punji’s fertility specialist said that hormone deprivation caused extremely small size of uterus which might prevent from successful pregnancy. But despite of all bad predictions embryo successfully developed from the first attempt.

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