5 myths about surrogacy

Comments: 0 | June 14th, 2018

Surrogate Motherhood is a complicated process full of controversies. This method of infertility treatment is always surrounded by all possible myths and ambiguous statements. In most cases, the negative attitude towards such way of carrying and childbirth is because of the fact that opponents of technology simply do not fully understand the aim of the program. We tried to dispel the most popular misconceptions about surrogate motherhood.

Myth №1. The connection between surrogate mother and baby

Many believe that a woman forced to give her own baby away, and often the process is compared with children trafficking. There is no genetic connection between surrogate mother and baby. All that binds these two is nine months of pregnancy. Sex cells are taken from biological parents, and embryo is inserted into the uterus of an a surrogate mother. That is why all the rights to the child automatically belong to his own mother and father.

Myth №2. Surrogate motherhood is available only to rich people

The Right to become parents have every person and if all means were useless and surrogate motherhood is the last hope, then it is worthwhile not to miss this chance. And in this case nor welfare, nor bank account is important. Even if you don’t have enough money for services of surrogate mother, you can easily get loan in the bank, borrow money or ask relatives for help. There are always number of variant for solvation of such issue.

Myth №3. Only relative are allowed to become surrogate mother for you

Your relative can become surrogate mother for you, but this condition is not obligatory. Mostly, the woman, who carry a child, are selected by agency, and she doesn’t have any connection with intended parents. Such kind of relations is more convenient, you’ve paid for services and you can demand fulfillment of commitments. There is great possibility of problems and misunderstandings occurring with relatives.

Myth №4. Emotional connection of surrogate mother to the baby

Before let the woman participate in program as a surrogate mother, she undergoes necessary psychological test and work with psychologist. It allows to evaluate her readiness for surrogacy, her emotional stability in difficult situations. Specialist prepare candidates, help them to realize, the new life that will be born within have nothing in common with organism of surrogate mother. She was entrusted with baby for a time and she has to return baby safe and sound.

Myth №5. Surrogate mother don’t take care about child and doesn’t follow correct schedule for pregnant

Intended parents are always anxious concerning how does feel the their baby within womb of another woman, does she take care about their child, does not she allow herself too much. To begin with, the course of pregnancy is constantly monitored by specialists and under the contract, surrogate mother is obliged to comply with all the doctor’s instructions. At last, the surrogate mother is also a mother, she has her own children, and if she took such a step, then she knows how precious human life is and won’t hurt it.