Surrogate Mother. Rights and Duties

According to the Ukrainian legislation all the citizens of Ukraine are equal. That’s why, there is no  differences between the rights of a simple pregnant woman and a surrogate. First of all, as each pregnant woman a surrogate has a right for all the necessary medical services. She can choose a medical establishment and a doctor on her own. But, on the other hand, on the basis of  Article 123 of Family Code Of Ukraine, a surrogate doesn’t have any right for a baby she has given birth to as not her but the cells of the intended parents are used for fertilization.

Surrogate’s duties are described in Law 787 from 09.09.2013 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the surrogacy journey a surrogatemust be registered at the antenatal clinic. She is required to  follow all the doctor’s pieces of advice and take all the necessary medicines as duration of a pregnancy much depends on this.

It’s quite obvious that a surrogate should act  as a  responsible and serious person, consider all her deeds as someone’s dream to have children is in her hands.

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