Surrogacy. How passes the procedure?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the main methods of infertility treatment, when fertilization occurs outside the body in laboratory conditions. At first time this method was successfully used in the UK in 1977. Only with help of IVF, surrogacy procedure became possible for infertile couples. Now they have chance of birth genetically native child for them. The cost of such infertility treatment is much higher than traditional surrogacy.

How passes the procedure of fertilization of a surrogate mother?

After the surrogate mother was examined and passed all the tests – she is ready to participate in the program. Preparing for the embryo transfer takes about 1 month. For making this surrogate procedure, you should synchronize the menstrual cycles of the genetic mother and the surrogate. The procedure of endometrium preparation by estrogen and progesterone involves two steps, in the first phase of the menstrual cycle – estrogens, and further – the hormone progesterone. When mother’s egg cells are removed from ovaries and father’s sperm is received, we can start the surrogacy procedure using IVF. The process of in vitro fertilization takes 3- 5 days.


Fertilization procedure of surrogate mother happens only after embryo formed. In her uterus usually transfer not more than 2 embryos. The transfer is carried out without anesthesia on the gynecological chair with help of a catheter. With help of ultrasound examination, doctor can make sure that the embryos get into the uterine cavity. The next few hours after the transfer, the surrogate mother is under the supervision of a physician, she should take the prescribed medications to keep the pregnancy. The woman is under the supervision of a doctor who has carried out such a procedure.

When parents decide to take part in the surrogacy program, they should understand that the cost of fertility treatment is very high. It is caused due to the use of modern equipment, high-quality materials and all the necessary manipulations. In addition, form of protocol, the number of attempts and additional procedures affect the cost of infertility treatment.

We guarantee you accurate observation of all procedures of surrogacy, thorough monitoring and supervision of surrogate mother. As you can see, IVF with the help of surrogacy – a very time-consuming procedure which requires the attention of professionals and the use of modern assisted reproductive techniques. All this affects the cost of infertility treatment.

The total cost of treatment