Our egg donation programms

Program "Chance"

In-vitro fertilization on fresh donor's cells


If woman produces not enough amount of eggs and they are of bad quality, patient is suggested to go through the IVF with egg donor. 4 of 5 IVF programs with egg donor are successful at the first attempt (statistic based on the women in the age of 30-55 who’ve used fresh donor’s cells).

6 000 Euro

Program "New Life"

In-vitro fertilization on own cells

it_006If spouses want to become parents but face some problems with conception, IVF like a modern and effective method of ART is used.The program is conducted by the high-qualified team of our specialists: fertility specialist, embryologists, US and implantology specialists, geneticist, anaesthetic and medical coordinators.

5 500 Euro

Program "Result"

IVF using fresh donor’s eggs and sperm of the partner with guaranteed pregnancy result


If You  are intersted in “all-inclusive” program with unlimited number of IVF attempts using egg donation, we will be glad to offer You “Result” program. The program includes  cost  of IVF, PGD,  egg donor. We have no age limits for women, who can take part in IVF programs

11 000 Euro

Every year, the number of couples who can not  have children is increasing. In Ukraine, the treatment of infertility with the help of assisted reproductive technologies is used for 26 years, and our Center for Human Reproduction “VittoriaVita” is practicing these methods for 9 years. So one of the ways how to obtain  a full and happy family is the program of egg donation.

What is the  process of egg donation program?

First of all , the donor (which is chosen individually for each couple) will be prescribed taking hormonal medicines. It helps to  stimulate the ovaries to produce the greatest possible number of eggs. Next step is  ovarian puncture, the Doctor  removes  ripe eggs and unites them with spermatozoa in vitro, it is the process of egg fertilization . Placing fertilized eggs in a special incubator, they are cultivated for 3-5 days. Then, embryos are ready for  implantation . After the transfer some days  embryos “ swim’ in the uterine cavity until attaching  into the uterine wall and if the embryo is fixed in the female womb and starts further development, the long awaited pregnancy comes.
If You  can not get pregnant for long period of time, our Center For Human Reproduction  “VittoriaVita” offers two treatment programs using oocyte donation:

  1. The program “New life”(IVF using own egg) – in vitro fertilization using the eggs of the Biological mother. The price includes transfer and accommodation , translation service, preliminary medical examination and preparations for the procedure of stimulation and monitoring process, the procedure of IVF, cryopreservation of remaining embryos for 1 year and monitoring of the pregnancy development.
  2. The program “Chance”(IVF using donor eggs) – in vitro fertilization using donor egg and Biological father’s sperm . The price includes transfer and accommodation, translation services, preliminary medical examinations, selection and preparation of oocyte donor, all medicines for the donor and the patient  for synchronization of their menstrual cycles , the IVF procedure, cryopreservation  and storage of remaining embryos for 1 year, further monitoring  of the pregnancy development.