Why Ukrainian reproductive clinics are attracting more and more foreigners?

Comments: 0 | May 10th, 2017

According to unofficial statistics 52 thousands of foreigners annually visit  Ukrainian clinics. The involvement of European patients for public health institutions is a way of rendering of paid services. Our medicine for foreigners is much cheaper  then overseas. Specially popular it is  among the people from Europe, USA, UK, Israel, China, etc.

Ukraine attracts foreigners with local  IVF prices and legality of surrogacy. Also, the cost of surrogate mothers services  is much lower than in other countries. Ukrainian women are willing to carry  a child for somebody for in an average 30 thousand dollars. Requirements to surrogate mother are loyal –   the age from 20 to 35 years, presence of  healthy children, no bad habits and health problems. A surrogate mother  can be easily find,some clinics have  ready database of surrogate mothers  or you can try to choose  over the Internet and private ads.

Medical tourism is legal for the state and for private hospitals ,also it helps to replenish the budget of the country and improves the quality of medical services. Adopted by the Ministry of Health relevant  laws that exclude competition between the public and private clinics  also contribute to this process. The doctors in state cinics are afrqid now that all their stuff should learn foreign language, to provide treatment in accordance with international standards, to set everything to rights.

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