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Surrogacy in Ukraine is the phenomenon rather new, but nonetheless this assisted reproductive technology is becoming more and more popular. Many couples, both from Ukraine and from other countries who have lost hope to be parents again can have such an opportunity thanks to Ukrainian women. More and more families, able to pay a significant sum of money for the other woman to carry their baby,come to Ukraine.

According to gynecologists’ words, the service is popular due to the increasing number of infertile couples. Statistics shows that in the world, every 6th couple is suffering from infertility, in our country – each 4th.

Why Ukraine is so attractive to foreigners looking for a surrogate mother?

Why many people choose Ukrainian women? First of all, surrogacy in our country is completely legal. Due to this the procedure of registration of documents for the child, born by a surrogate mother, is much easier. For comparison, in some European countries, surrogacy is partly allowed or not allowed in general. Secondly, the surrogate motherhood is quite expensive, in financial terms. In European countries it is simply astronomical figures. The price of the surrogacy programs in Ukraine is 50-70% lower and it attracts foreign couples. Thirdly, Ukrainian women are very responsible in attitude to participate in the program, they seriously follow their diet and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. In addition, we should not forget that Ukrainian women are very healthy and beautiful women. Also, our women have well developed reproductive functions of the body.

Why Ukraine and not, for example, India?

Most couples who look for the help of a surrogate mother, are not able to spend a lot of time to travel because of work. In this case, for example, it is easier for a couple from Europe to ask for help to Ukrainian woman. Ukraine is very close and the arrival is not a great problem. Parents must visit Ukraine, while participating in the surrogacy program, two times– during looking for a surrogate mother and before the birth of the child. The first visit is needed to select egg cells and sperm cells of the Biological parents and to find a surrogate mother. Second visit will be before the child’s birth. They come to become parents, and to get all necessary documents. Surrogacy in Ukraine is reminiscent of mutually beneficial assistance. Just look how many families can’t have children! Many of them are very wealthy and can afford the cost of hiring a surrogate mother. And the girls who in turn give birth to others, often do it through financial problems. However, the exact number of surrogate mothers in Ukraine is difficult to count, because not all give birth here, someone goes abroad.

Ways of finding a surrogate mother

There are several ways how you can find a surrogate mother: To contact the surrogacy agency, which specializes on helping childless couples and deals with all organizational and legal issues, or to place an ad on the Internet at the relevant sites and wait for the call. What these two methods differ from each other? “The second option” less expensive, but carries certain risks. “The first way” – will be a complex of services of the coordinator, the lawyer and psychologist, so it can be more expensive, but should provide you the assurance and competent support at all stages.

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