Surrogacy Contract. Why do you need to sign it?

Comments: 0 | April 9th, 2015

Risks of informal surrogacy agreements. What do you choose economizing money on the specialized agencies?

Anne-Marie Hutchinson, a lawyer of Dawson Cornwell law firm, comments on the main legal mistakes of the surrogacy program.

Surrogacy agreements which are viewed illegal in the United Kingdom cause the enforcement of the surrogacy contracts. In other words, at any moment of the surrogacy program surrogate mother might refuse to hand a child to the intended parents.

It’s a pity but in many cases trying to economize money on the fees for a specialized surrogacy agency, intended parents preferring look for a surrogate in the Internet. Not consulting a specialist and making just a simple informal agreement, intended parents increase their chances not to get their biological baby later on their own.

Neglecting of legal surrogacy contracts leads to complicated scandal lawsuits at the High Court the amount of which increase each year. The last case Anne-Marie Hutchinson tells about, couple just put their ad in the Internet and very soon they contacted one surrogate mother who agreed on home insemination. Her pregnancy was accompanied with various and frequent misunderstandings and quarrels concerning medical treatment etc. As a result, surrogate mother just refused to give the child to his real parents.

After the hearing, High Court decided that it would be much better for a child to stay with the surrogate mother. In addition to this according to the per curiam opinion biological father have to make financial contributions for the child.

It’d be possible to avoid this if the intended parents signed the surrogacy agreement in time. The judge asked all the couples who are going to become parents via surrogate motherhood not to act on their own but apply to specialized professional surrogacy agencies in the UK or abroad to protect their rights for a child in future.

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