Support and supervision of the development of pregnancy

Comments: 0 | May 4th, 2018

Pregnancy – special period in a woman’s life. It can be described by different words: new, unknown, exciting, responsible, happy, hard – all this words perfectly describe state of future mother. It’s not a secret, proper bearing of a child requires permanent control and compliance of all the doctor’s recommendations. Woman should be ready that during nine months she will have dozens of tests and meetings with doctor, who will lead the pregnancy

Why do meticulous control during pregnancy is required?

First of all, regular visits to doctor allow to detect complications and deviations at early stages of pregnancy and solve the problem as soon as possible. So called cooperation with gynecologist during course of pregnancy increase chances of proper flow of pregnancy and birth of healthy child. Systematic consultations in many ways calm down woman and let her enjoy a new period of her life. After all, when new life is born inside you, there are changes constantly occur in your organism and in order to understand whether they are normal or not, it is necessary to consult with doctor.

For the first visit with a doctor who will lead pregnancy, it is better to come with husband or another support in the person of mother or friend. If there is an opportunity to bring support with you for the further visits – use it. This is also true in the early stages of pregnancy, when toxicosis and other “delights” will interfere, and in late stages, when it will be physically difficult for you even to walk from one cabinet to another.

Analysis and examinations

It is preferable that there would be more than one doctor who lead pregnancy. Probably, it will be specialist, who consulted you at the stage of planning the kid. During your first visit following tests should be done:

  • Blood test to determine the group and Rh factor
  • Sugar level blood test
  • Test for syphilis
  • General urine test
  • Full gynecological examination

If your Rh factor is negative, an antibody test will be done. In this period, it is also necessary to pass an ultrasound, with which you can determine the term of pregnancy, the number of embryos and the state of pregnancy in general. In the first and subsequent visits, the doctor may prescribe additional examinations. Do not abandon the recommended tests, because calm during pregnancy – above all.

For further examinations, a woman’s consultation is needed every 4 weeks, starting from the 32nd week of pregnancy – every 2 weeks, and starting from the 36th week – every week. Each examination, doctor observes changes in the body, measures the body weight, size and shape of the uterus, listens to the fetal heart tones and prescribes additional tests. Women with a negative Rh factor are again tested for antibodies at 26-27 weeks.

Diagnosis of defects and genetic diseases of the fetus

In each trimester, woman is offered to undergo additional examinations and pass the recommended tests to identify defects in fetal development, including Down’s syndrome. Whether it is necessary to undergo such an examination is decided by the pregnant woman, but it is better not to ignore the opportunity to detect abnormalities at an early stage. By results of analyzes the doctor can direct on genetic consultation. If everything is okay, you will calmly enjoy the pregnancy and expect the appearance of the baby.

Regular visit to a woman’s consultation, proper management and supervision of a pregnant woman is a pledge of the birth of a healthy child. Trust the most valuable thing that you have only to experienced professionals and follow all the doctor’s instructions so that pregnancy proceeds as comfortable as possible. And remember, nature gives you 9 months to prepare for a new status, so spend this time with benefit.