Problems with surrogacy

Comments: 0 | June 20th, 2016

Surrogacy – a chance for infertile couples to become parents. Such couples can not conceive, carry and give birth to yourself. Only with the help of a well-developed modern reproductive medicine, they have the opportunity to have their own child genetically. When a pair is considering participation in the surrogacy program, a lot of problems they face, which give reason to doubt his choice. In fact, the problem with the surrogate simply myths. We decided to help you and tell you about the main.

3 main myths about surrogacy

  1. Surrogacy is illegal. This is not entirely true. Undoubtedly, there are countries where surrogacy is prohibited and punished by law (for example, Austria, France, Italy). But, fortunately, Ukraine Commercial surrogacy is absolutely allowed and regulated by law.
  2. A surrogate mother can keep the baby. The contract between the surrogate mother and the parents recognized the legislation of Ukraine. Our lawyers will help you to draw up a treaty to prevent such a development. In addition, the surrogate mother has no parental rights to the child in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. In addition, it has no biological relationship with him, which is why it will not be able to challenge this fact in court and keep the baby. A surrogate is required to give the child to the genetic parents after birth, and this fact is stated in the contract.
  3. The child was born with a pathology. Undoubtedly, with the pathology of the risk of giving birth does not depend on whether the child was conceived via IVF or naturally. Children born via surrogacy, are no different from others. In addition, the health of children and care of a surrogate mother after more thoroughly that they are more likely to be born healthy. Even before the start of the program the surrogate mother and the parents study carefully in order to minimize the possibility of disease.

Surrogate with VittoriaVita – this is not a problem, it’s a great opportunity to create a real family. We are a team of professionals who will provide you with the organizational, psychological and medical assistance, and to do everything possible to achieve the desired result.

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