International Surrogacy

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International Surrogacy. Ukraine and Abroad. What to Choose?

Luckily, times when infertility could prevent spouses from creation the full-fledged family have already passed. Every day fertility specialists fight for each successful result of IVF attempt or surrogacy program.

Despite the necessity and importance of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), nowadays, many countries still remain aggressively-oriented against surrogacy like a method of infertility treatment. Generally, paid surrogacy is officially allowed only in 6 countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, Russia, India and some states of the USA).

In such countries as Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Canada and Netherlands only  non-profit surrogacy is permitted. Italy, German, France, Norway, Lithuania and many others refer to the countries where both commercial and non-commercial surrogacy journeys are strictly prohibited and even punished by the Law. More and more infertile couples from all over the world come to Ukraine in the search of their “surrogacy happiness”. What does encourage people to choose Ukraine? The reasons are quite obvious. In the comparison with other countries, surrogacy costs in Ukraine are rather moderate but the level of medical services is much higher.

India… One of the significant Ukrainian “surrogacy competitors” due to the low prices and great amount of surrogate candidates which attract hundreds of “surrogacy tourists”.  But, on the other hand, do harmful influence of the surrounding environment, surrogates’ indifference, numerous weak points of the surrogacy journeys  really contribute to the successful results? Evidently, price according to quality is the best characterization of the surrogacy in India.

Despite the high development of the United States of America, only 8 among 50 states can offer really advanced surrogacy help for the childless spouses. Constant improvements of the legislation regulating problematic surrogacy questions, modern reproductive techniques, qualified surrogacy agencies are, by all means, significant advantages of the surrogacy in the United States. Internet is over-full with sensational news about the popular actors and pop-stars who’ve absolutely frankly used surrogate’s services to have a baby. But, unfortunately, surrogacy remains inaccessible for the majority of childless spouses as its cost nearly 150 000,00$ is really “beyond the clouds”.

Suggesting quite saleable surrogacy costs, Russian surrogacy agencies can’t guarantee you that at the end of a surrogacy program you will surely get your child. According to the Russian legislation, a surrogate has all legal rights for a child. The only chance for intended parents to get a child is a surrogate’s free-will abdication from a child. Till the signature of such a document, a surrogate can easily  change her decision. Of course, there are many responsible surrogate mothers who perform all their duties  and obligations, follow all the requirements of the surrogacy agreement. But such a situation gives a brilliant opportunity for cheaters to gain easy money.

In such countries as Canada, Australia, Great Britain where paid surrogacy is prohibited by the Law, childless families have an opportunity to use non-commercial surrogacy motherhood.

The situation in Australia is rather controversial. On the one hand, usage of paid surrogacy is strictly prohibited by the government, but, on the other one, there are too many disadvantages and uncertainties in the legislation concerning surrogacy issues.

The prominent feature of surrogacy in the UK  is a creation of a special In-vitro Fertilization and Embryology Department which is aimed to regulate all the cases connected with surrogacy journeys. But British legislation towards this question is, as a matter of fact, too complicated (e.g. surrogate have to abandon the child since the 6th week after the childbirth; intended parents have to adopt their own child) and because of some its points (e.g. at least one of the spouses should be a British citizen), surrogacy in the UK is impossible for foreigners.

In the light of all this, Ukraine has much more advantages than other countries. The key issue of surrogacy in Ukraine is neatly worked out legislative base regulating all the aspects connected with this issue. In such a way, intended parents avoid all the possible legal problems typical for such countries as Russia, Australia, Canada, Great Britain etc.

Nowadays, Ukraine is one of the leading countries in the sphere of ART usage due to the advanced medical services, total observance of confidentiality and quite reasonable surrogacy costs.

No one can force you to choose this or that country. Such a deliberate choice depends only on your preferences. If you are still hesitating, just weight all  pros and cons of surrogacy in this or that country to make a right decision.

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