In Britain, 55-year-old woman gave birth to triplets using IVF

Comments: 0 | July 12th, 2016

In 55 years old, Sharon Katz became the oldest mother in the UK. She could get pregnant with triplets using IVF. Sharon already has four adult children from her ex-husband and three grandchildren. But she decided to become a mother once again after she had married with Stuart Reynolds, who is much younger than she. Young husband wanted to have children so much, but because of the age of Sharon, they could not conceive. As a result, they chose IVF.

To prepare for motherhood, British woman firmly decided to improve her appearance, she made a facelifting and her hair longer. Because of the age, British doctors refused Sharon in IVF and she agreed to the procedure in Cyprus for 15 thousand pounds. Her mother and the children did not support its decision and thought that Sharon is too old to become a mother again.


Getting pregnant with IVF after 50 years old is not so easy, but Sharon did it from the first time. Unfortunately, her pregnancy was difficult, there were health problems which were dangerous to the life of Sharon and her future children. The doctors persuaded her to make an abortion, but she did not agree. Thanks to a positive attitude and ambition of the future mother the children were born healthy. She gave birth to two boys (Ryan and Mason) and a girl (Lily) by caesarean section.

55-year-old woman is incredibly happy to have three children and do not hesitate that they are younger than her grandchildren. Sharon thinks positively about it, because they can play together and grow. In the world it is not the first child, who was born with help of IVF, after 50 years old. For example, a 65 year-old woman gave birth to four children in Germany in 2015, and the 70 year-old citizen of India gave birth to a child in 2016. IVF provides an excellent opportunity to find the mother’s happiness at any age.

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