Surrogacy Process in Israel. What do you need to know?

Each year surrogate motherhood becomes more and more popular kind of infertility treatment but on a proper level surrogacy process is debugged only in few countries e.g. Ukraine, the USA, Georgia, Israel etc.

Surrogacy in Israel is conducted strictly according to the surrogacy laws which presuppose the protections of interests and define the requirements for the participants of the surrogacy program: a surrogate mother and intended parents.

On the bases of Israeli surrogacy laws only adult unmarried (single parent or widow) healthy women in the age of 22-38 with, at least, one healthy child might become a surrogate mother.

On the other hand, only officially married couples on the ground of wife’s medical certificate about the problems with her uterus or presence of any somatic disease which prevent a woman from getting pregnant or carrying a child to term can use surrogacy in Israel.

Israeli surrogacy law includes the following requirements:

  • Female relatives of a couple can’t become a surrogate mother for this couple;
  • It’s strictly prohibited for a surrogate mother to have any contacts with intended parents and their child after the child’s transfer to his real parents.
  • Woman who is going to become a surrogate mother should successfully pass medical and psychological checkups and examinations which confirm her excellent health conditions. In addition, team members of reproductive centers surrogate mother and intended parents co-operate with visit surrogate mother at home to get acquainted with her life style and conditions.
  • Surrogacy contract is obligatory composed by a lawyer selected by a surrogate mother. It is signed by a surrogate and both spouses till the beginning of the whole surrogacy program and always includes the exact sum of surrogate’s compensation.

Who can’t use surrogacy in Israel?

  • Couples who aren’t officially married or single people.
  • Families in which male spouse has bad results of spermogram and as a result his sperm can’t be used for fertilization.
  • Same-sex couples
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