Cost of Egg Donation

Participation in all kinds of reproductive programs is a feat. People offer their invaluable help to fruitless married couples and become their last hope. Of course, any program in Ukraine is not charitable. Today, let’s look at how much does it cost to get a donor egg and risks of woman that takes part in the procedure.

Ukraine is quite a favorable country for the implementation of the latest reproductive technologies. Legislation fully supports non-traditional methods of pregnancy and gestation of a child. Many married couples from Europe come to us with their problems. Therefore, the answer for a question how much is egg donation – expensive. Nevertheless, for many married couples – this is the only opportunity to become parents.

Egg donation price and cost of basic payments

Future mom and dad are least interested in question, how much will it cost to get an egg donor? Often, couples who believe in miracles and who are more interested in choosing a donor and a positive outcome of the whole program are turning to such help. However, they will have to cover all the costs associated with the preparation, analysis and operational interventions by themselves.

Payment for egg donation is more interested for a woman who sacrifices oocytes. Despite the fact that she is a real heroine, she wants to get her reward for her work. In Ukraine egg donation pay ranges from 8 to 14 thousand UAH. The very process of taking a cell takes 10-15 minutes, but before that, donor should undergo examinations, tests and hormonal stimulation.

Who is allowed to participate in program?

Before you search the Internet for information on the request: donor egg price, make sure, you can meet the requirements to become a donor:

  • Age (from 20 to 30 years)
  • Absence of any health problems
  • Normal mental states
  • Having your own child
  • Healthy lifestyle

Specialists of the center VittoriaVita strongly recommend you dealing with special medical clinics and not offering your services through the Internet or in any other way. Only under the supervision of a doctor, you can avoid the risks of inflammatory processes, bleeding, infection complications and hyper ovulation. The seizure of the material is a small, but still an operational intervention in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the process responsibly.