Kinds of surrogacy programs

Every surrogacy program should be individualized, taking into account all nuances and needs a couple.

First of all it is important to note that in Ukraine,as in many other countries, only gestational surrogacy is allowed .That means that the surrogate mother has no biological connection with the child she carries and gives birth. Another equally important criterion is that the biological parents should be married and have a medical report of health problems that cause infertility.

What should turn your attention first of all?

Nowadays there are many agencies, medical centers and clinics ready to provide a lot of different surrogacy programs. To choose the right program that suits You ,it will be better to find the answers to these questions:

– which  kind of cells will be used (donor’s or own) ;

– how many attempts of IVF provided by the program;

– the amount and time of payments accordind to the program;

– legal support and preparation of documents, signing of contracts;

– criteria for admission to the program  for donors and surrogate mothers, exams and preparation beforo taking part in programs;

– the possibility of  transportation  of using of cryoembryos;

– medical establishment, where all tests and procedures will be provided, as well as the staff that works there .

kinds of surrogacy programs
For example, our Center for Human Reproduction “VittoriaVita” can  offer You 4 kinds the surrogacy program. Each of these programs has its own characteristics and take into consideration the needs of our patients.

ProgramPrice Biological materialProgram peculiarieties
«Care»32 000 €Cryo embryosUsage of cryoembryos, which you can ship to our clinic with the help of special company, will make it quicker to begin the surrogacy program.
«Victory»34 000 €Eggs and sperm of biological parents The accomodation, nutrition, medicines, choosing of Surrogate Mother, legal and notary services are included.
«Success»36 000 €Donor’s eggs +sperm of biological father
(biological mother’s eggs+ donor’s sperm)
The accomodation, nutrition, medicines, choosing of Donor and Surrogate Mother, legal and notary services are included.
«Guarantee»46 000 € Donor’s eggs +sperm of biological father
(biological mother’s eggs+ donor’s sperm)
number of unlimited IVF attempts
the only additional payment- for twins

Of course, You will have  more questions, and here are just some of the core peculariaties of surrogacy programs. The Center for Human Reproduction “VittoriaVita” is always ready to help You and answer all Your questions. We have developed a system of different  surrogacy programs and each of them takes into account all the nuances for easy, safe, legally protected and comfortable passing.