Why you should choose “VittoriaVita” among so many other surrogacy agencies ?

  1. Our main goal is to fulfill your most cherished wish to feel the real happiness of maternity. We aim to protect you from all the possible frauds and disappointments, and guarantee you reliability and confidence.
  2. We work only with highly qualified and experienced experts in the area of infertility treatment in Ukraine. During 9 years that we have been in business more than 500 patients who were diagnosed with infertility became parents.
  3. We offer you a range of effective methods of modern infertility treatment by reasonable prices.
  4. We offer our clients a huge database of  surrogate mothers and egg donors who comply with all the requirements to participate in a program.
  5. We do our best to make your happiness about the birth of your baby not shadowed by the paperwork and any legal and organizational subtleties.
  6. The key elements of our work are the strict adherence to the code of ethics and respect of our clients’ confidentiality

If you dream about having a sweet family, we are waiting for you.

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