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General list of our services during the surrogacy program

Infertility treatment using IVF and surrogacy requires the complex of services: medical, legal, logistic and administrative. During the whole program “VittoriaVita” supports and provides you with the best fertility specialists, experienced lawyers, drivers etc. Together with you we will go through this joyful journey since choosing a surrogate till the registration of your child.

Primary consultation: organizational questions; legal consultations (on-line, by phone, Skype, e-mail)
Free of charge
Hotel (totally it’s 50-60 days during the whole program)from 40 Euro per day
Transfer: airport/hotel/medical centre – during the whole program500 Euro
Interpreter’s services during the whole program: 1000 Euro
- medical and legal translations;
- informational-accompanying support
Legal support during the whole program: 2000 Euro
- translation and preparation of the documents;
- preparation and legalization of the agreements;
- preparation of the documents necessary for the child’s registration;
- registration of a child at Civilian Registry Office;
- preparation and legalization of the documents for the Embassy
Cost of the whole IVF cycle at the medical centre:
5000 Euro
- primary consultation with a fertility specialist;
- examinations;
- medications;
- composition of the individual hormonal therapy (IVF medical protocol of stimulation)
- on-line consultations according to the results of the examinations
- IVF procedure and embryo transfer;
- documentation necessary for the program
Cryopreservation and storage of the eggs/embryos for one year300 Euro
Additional payments for the second embryo transfer2000 Euro
Selection and preparation of an egg donor (examinations; medications; monitoring; egg donor’s compensations)2000 Euro
Selection and preparation of a surrogate (examinations; medications; monitoring)2000 Euro
Surrogate’s compensations12 000 Euro
Additional surrogate’s fees for the twins4000 Euro
Control and monitoring of the surrogate’s pregnancy at the antenatal clinic domiciliary1000 Euro
Coordinator’s services for 9 months: control, monitoring, informational and psychological support500 Euro
Clothes for a surrogate500 Euro
Flat rent for a surrogate150 Euro per month
Nurse for surrogate’s children500 Euro
Organization and financial aspects of childbirth2000 Euro
Fond for the unexpected medical and organizational expenses during the surrogacy program
(e.g. medical aid for a surrogate in the cases of urgency)
1000 Euro
DNA test300 Euro

Coming here for the first time you must have your passports, marriage certificate with Apostille and medical documents which confirm your health problems that cause infertility.

Order individual price list for the program

(Helen Brylskaya – International Coordinator of IVF programs in Ukraine)

Pay attention!

  • Method of treatment and IVF medical protocol of ovarian stimulation is selected individually for each patient by our fertility specialist
  • Patients get documentation about the quality and quantity of the received eggs/embryos
  • While embryo transfer fertility specialist select the best embryos and together with patient define the amount of embryos for its transfer (not more than 3)
  • After the IVF procedure egg/embryo freezing is performed (this package presupposes 1 free of charge year of storage)
  • In Ukraine IVF/surrogacy programs (using donor’s eggs) are allowed by the Ukrainian legislation and controlled by the Law №787 from 09.09.2013 

The total cost of treatment



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