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include providing you with appropriate and complete informations about organizational, legal and financial matters associated with a surrogacy program in any way convenient for you: on our website, by phone or by e-mail.


We will arrange a consultation with your doctor at the clinic, after which the doctor will estimate the state of your health and fill you in on the features of the implementation, efficiency and safety of the medical procedures to be done. Your individual checkup and treatment protocol will be designed by the doctor. Also, our experts will provide information about the medical aspects of your infertility treatment program..

Программа01Make an appointment for consultation at the clinic

“VittoriaVita” works with the best fertility experts in Ukraine. Working with qualified fertility experts and using modern technical equipment, we provide effective infertility treatment by reasonable and flexible prices.

701Selection of a surrogate mother

Not every woman would agree to be a surrogate mother. It’s not an easy task to carry a child under your heart, even more so if it’s not your own baby and you are going to give the little one to other people. Few women have the strength and courage to do this. That is why finding a surrogate mother (GC) is quite complicated.

During the years of being in business “VittoriaVita” compiled its own database of GCs who’ve passed all examinations and are allowed to participate in programs based on their medical and psychological indices. Many of our gestational carriers take part in surrogacy journeys for several times. A surrogate mother should be selected in compliance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 from 09.09.2013. We will explain you the legal nature of surrogacy in Ukraine, provide you with information about the rights, duties and responsibilities under the surrogacy agreements that must be signed by a surrogate mother and the intended parents. Medical contract documents shall also be signed between a GC and the clinic. Each surrogate mother is assigned to a counselor who is going to keep her informed, support, help (if necessary) and supervise her during all the stages of her pregnancy.

ДонорЯйцеклеток01Selection of an egg donor

Our agency can offer you a huge database of potential egg donors who have full portfolios with all the necessary data about themselves, their children and relatives. After the perfect candidate is selected, she is going to pass through two complex medical examinations at the approved medical establishments. The legal matters and the doctor’s actions shall be regulated by the contract documents between the participants of a program (the egg donor’s deliberate and voluntary agreement to take part in a program of egg donation, to the controlled stimulation of her ovulation and the puncture of her ovaries; the written consent of her husband).

Кураторство01Supervision of the  surrogacy journey

We are going to support you at all stages of your program: starting with your first visit for the primary examination before admission to a program, during the pregnancy and, finally, during the paperwork associated with the baby’s registration. Supervision is very important not just for the intended parents but for the GC, too. Because of different reasons, the intended parents are not always around. Thus, all the supervision is done by our team members.

The program supervision includes:

vv_ico  support at the medical center during preparation for the program;

vv_ico making sure the GC and the donor appear at the proper time for all their examinations and tests;

vv_ico support for the GC during her pregnancy (assistance with the registration at an antenatal clinic, information support, psychologiсal consultations, provision with all the necessary medications prescribed by doctors);

vv_ico control over the GC’s implementation of the contractual terms.

The results of all tests and sonographies are forwarded to the genetic parents.

ЮридическиеУслуги01Legal support

Ignorance of Laws of Ukraine doesn’t exempt anyone from the responsibility!

When it comes to surrogacy, the legal support is very important and helpful for all the parties of the process. Since the surrogacy programs are always associated with drawing up numerous contracts, registration of medical documents, notarial statements and civil registry acts, we assume all the legal paperwork within your program. The lawyers of the “VittoriaVita” agency will always suggest a competent solution to any legal issue that may come up within a program – from drawing up contracts between all the parties to assisting with the registration of the baby and even to representing you in court.

Трансфер01Hospitality services and transfer

Each time you visit Kiev, the VittoriaVita’s team members will meet you at the airport and accommodate you in a comfortable apartment. We also provide the interpretation and transport services throughout all the stages of our programs. We are always available and glad to help you!

Юрист_1.101Visa support

Foreign citizens who are wishing to take part in a surrogate motherhood program are provided with visa support. The members of the VittoriaVita’s team will help you to get a visiting or work invitation, as well as to legally register your temporary residence in Ukraine. We will make sure that your stay in Ukraine is comfortable and pleasant!