Stories of our surrogate mothers

Anastasia, 22 years old / Khmelnytskyi city


I live with my mom and my daughter in a small town. My daughter Yana is 4,5 years old. I ́m
bringing up a child on my own, she never saw her dad. Yana attends the nursery school, she is
fond of singing. And I don’t like singing and dancing in reverse, but I really like to draw. When I
was younger I graduated the school of arts. I do love to

watch children playing around and draw them.

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Galina, 26 years old / Zhytomyr region


My husband and I are together 7 years, our daughter Alice is 5 years old, and our son Giorgi is 2.5 years. We live together with my parents in their apartment. I’m not working at the moment, and my husband works as the head of quality control department of one of the productive companies. My husband and I knew each other from the university, we studied together at the Faculty of Economics.

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Tatyana, 27 years old / Ivano-Frankivsk oblast (region)


I live with my husband and two children in a small town. I bring up the kids and my husband works as a electrical technician on the factory. Earlier I have worked as a nursery teacher in the kindergarten, but after the birth of my kids I decided to dedicate myself to education of my lovely children. My son Yan is 6 years old and my daughter Tamila is 2,5 years old.

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Tamara, 28 years old / Kirovograd region

28We have a big happy family. With my husband, we are married for 9 years, we have 8-year-old son. We live with the husband’s parents and his brother. We have a big house. It is divided into two parts. I live with my husband and son in the one part, and all others – in another.The husband works in a construction company in Kirovograd, and I’m an office manager in the same company.

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Maria, 30 years old / Vinnitsa


I’ve been divorced for 5 years and now I bring up a 7-year-old daughter myself. My parents live in Russia, and we see each other very rarely, in the best case once a year. My sister, daughter and I – live in the center of Vinnitsa in the two-room apartment. My daughter Anna is finishing first form. Despite the fact that she is growing up without a father – we do not despair. In the world there are plenty of couples who can not have children.

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