How to find a surrogate mother without agency?

If you decide to become parents using a surrogate mother services, you must understand that the health of your unborn baby depends on her. Surrogate mother may be not every woman, because she needs to meet all the requirements. Therefore, choose the ideal candidate is very difficult.

how to find a surrogate mother

There are several ways how to find a surrogate mother without agency:

  1. Independent search of surrogate mothers among relatives.

If you are not shy and are not afraid to share your problems with friends and family, you can find a surrogate mother without agency and you know how. You can ask your relatives or friends. If none of them is the one who can help you, maybe they will be able to advise you their friends. There are many stories where women bear and give birth to children of their close friends and relatives. Most of these women help free of charge. In this case, you can completely control and coordinate a surrogate mother. But such way can lead to unpleasant consequences, including psychological:

– Conflicts in the upbringing of the child, the surrogate mother will want to take part in the life of the baby;

– The surrogate mother can keep the baby;

– Psychological trauma for the child when the surrogate mother will tell him the truth.

  1. Advertising about surrogacy on the Internet or through informal intermediaries.

Many people consider this method the easiest and less costly, but it is the most risky. There are many sharpers who place their ads on the Internet. They require money in advance, forge the results of examinations, do not take drugs and drink alcohol or smoke. Sharper can do everything the pregnancy not to occur, but at the same time take money from you. Worst of all is that a woman can terminate a pregnancy after receiving the award, or even worse – can keep the child.

The presence of contraindications, which cheats carefully conceal, can harm a child’s health. Very rarely couples find the ideal candidate, as a rule, there are much more disappointments in independent search than happy-ends.

If you think about how to find the best surrogate mother without an agency, many recommend not to take risks and apply to specialized surrogacy centers to avoid force majeure situations, which you can find in the Internet. Here is offered a full range of services on surrogate motherhood, from the selection of a surrogate mother and examinations, ending with help in registration and legalization of all necessary documents. Professionals immediately dispel all your doubts about the fact that the surrogate mother can keep the baby. According to Ukrainian law, she has no rights to the child and can not challenge it in court, if the original data correctly fixed in documents and the contract. Such centers exist in order to make your dream of having a surrogate baby come true.