In-vitro fertilization: motherhood is possible at each age

Comments: 0 | September 17th, 2015


At one of the medical conferences, fertility specialists were discussing the IVF cases due to which women gave birth to children even in their late 50-es.

In 2008 Susan Tollefsen and Nick Mayer became happy parents due to the in-vitro fertilization treatment in one of the Russian clinics. Susan who became mother in 57 confirmed that 50 years is not a boundary on the way to your dream of parenthood.

In 2009 in Cambridge Elizabeth Adeney being already in her 66 delivered a healthy boy after the successful IVF treatment which she passed in one of the Ukrainian reproductive centers.

At the Sussex County Hospital in 2006 62-year-old Patricia Rashbrook gave birth to a boy later named Jay Jay. Such a desired happiness became possible due to the IVF treatment at one of the former Soviet Republics. Patricia’s doctor stated that the most important factor in infertility treatment is not age but mother’s health conditions.

Being in 70-ies Rajo Devie Lohan delivered a healthy daughter in India. When the girl was just 18 months, Rajo realized that she was dying because of the serious complications after the surgery. But she died happily saying that she fulfilled the greatest dream of her life – becoming mother even for such a short period of time.

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