Surrogate mother – who is she literally?

Comments: 0 | May 25th, 2018

Strong, courageous, enduring, with a big heart and a desire to help – it’s her, surrogate mother. Maybe she’s a real sorceress? After all, for those who need its services, she creates a real miracle. In the surrogate motherhood program, these women come for various reasons. Someone wants to help and make the world better, someone is ready to sacrifice themselves, so that another cute baby will be born, someone wants to make good money. But, whatever these women motivated by, they are bound by one thread, they are doing something incredible. Today, let’s talk about who should be a surrogate mother

Health of surrogate mother

This, perhaps, is the most important moment in choosing a woman who will bear a child. It should be absolutely healthy, have neither infectious nor genetic diseases, be mentally resistant to difficulties. Not for nothing, before allowing a candidate to participate in the program, in a surrogate motherhood clinic, she must undergo thorough examination. In addition, the future surrogate mother should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, live in normal conditions and receive more positive emotions from life.

Honesty and trust

Married couple should trust to surrogate mother, but for this she needs to be completely honest, and sometimes even frank. During pregnancy, there will be different situations and difficulties with which a woman should share with doctors and, accordingly, future parents. Establishing trust relationships is the key to successful cooperation. That is why we define honesty as one of the important characteristics of a candidate for the role of a surrogate mother.

Self organization of surrogate mother

Surrogate motherhood is a complex process with constant analyzes, observations, ultrasound, visits to various specialists, work with psychologists, etc. This is even more difficult than classical pregnancy, because the very process of preparation is preceded to pregnancy itself. That is why in surrogate motherhood programs is allowed to participate only “successful” mothers who already have chlidren and well acquainted with what they need to survive for 9 months. A woman who wants to endure a baby for a couple needs to love children and be able to plan their time. And still understand that for the next 9 months, surrogate motherhood for her in priority

In the end, it should be mentioned that the future surrogate mother should learn as much information about each stage of the program and the changes that occur in her body during pregnancy as possible. She must live with surrogate motherhood, be interested in the subtleties and nuances, be aimed at the most positive outcome, love the baby as a native, but at the same time clearly realize that she was trusted with baby for a while.