How to find a surrogate mother? Useful advice

Comments: 0 | December 6th, 2017

Such a question arises couples who have infertility problem and want another woman to carry a child to her. This aspect should be approached very carefully, because it is about the health of the future baby. Today, the “surrogate motherhood” program in many countries is legal and relates to the methods of assisted reproductive medicine. You can try to find the surrogate mother by yourself contacting your friends or relatives.

Very often sisters, aunts, girlfriends, and even grandmothers of a future child become surrogate mother. You can search for possible candidates via the Internet. There are many women, who wish to become a surrogate mother, but in such situation, there is a great chance to get on fraudsters, and then it is difficult to avoid problems. A woman can give a fake information about her health, blackmail parents or even demand more money. This risk may be suitable for those who want to save costs. In this case, parents need not only to find a suitable woman, but also they have to choose a clinic which will take care of fertilization procedure, find a maternity hospital, find a house for a surrogate mother and pay for all expenses for her, resolve all organizational issues at their own risk.

Sometimes, parents turn to private intermediaries services who allegedly have a date base of surrogate mothers. But such people require commissions for their services. First you need to pay, and only then, you will be looking for the right woman. In this case, risk to get on the fraudsters is also great and no one will give any guarantees that the woman passed all required medical examinations and that parents will not be asked for additional payments.

To avoid unexpected situations and problems, it is always better to contact surrogate motherhood agencies or directly to an infertility treatment clinic.

The cost of the contract in such agencies include the maintenance of the program and payment of material compensation to the surrogate mother.

In such agencies you will be offered a professional procedure, you will be able to choose a surrogate mother who has been examined by a qualified doctor and checked by a psychologist, prepare a contract, agencies will provide you with a client-manager and juridical support before and after the birth and registration of the child. The same services are provided by private clinics of reproductive medicine.