Where to find surrogate mother?

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To succeed in your mission of finding a surrogate mother, an important factor is whether she will be able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby for you. To choose a good candidate is very difficult task.

There are four main ways:

  1. Looking for Surrogate mother by yourself

It happened  that close relatives and friends become surrogate mothers. They gladly offer their help by not accepting financial compensation in return. Although such an act is unselfish and is done with the best intentions, there are some disadvantages. Your close relative or friend can be offended that after carrying a child, she gets too little attention ( not suggest a trip together, family meetings without her presence, you forgot about her role and contribution to your family). Also there was a case when close person did not want to give the baby back.

  1. Through intermediaries

It is also not a reliable method. Intermediaries are mostly swindlers, and before you will be able to understand this fact , you can lose lots of your money, time and nerves. The most common case – a man shows a girl, the future Surrogate mother to several couples at the same time, and then asks every couple to pay for medical tests for her and the part of the main payment in advance. After he received the money, he disappears with them, leaving couple confused.

  1. With the help of Internet

Convenient and accessible to everyone. But it is dangerous way, since there are the greatest number of dishonest people. Although there were happy outcomes, but every year this number decreases.

Cases which more often occurred:

  • A girl from a distant suburb or village, had no normal earnings, and sometimes even no money for bread. She asked to send a small amount for the initial examination and for the transportation to the city where you live. After the money transfer to her account, she disappeared, or came up with some excuses.
  • A single mother with children willingly agreed to come on call the parents in their city. Lived and passed inspection at their expense. After a couple of days left under any pretext and disappeared.
  • A poor thing, first of all claimed the couple that she is healthy, although it was not so. Then she was examined and took treatment from various diseases due to parents fee. After the  treatment course she evaporated like mist.
  • The girl tries to make it so that no pregnancy occurred, or abortions are made. She receives financial compensation from the couple, as the procedure failed, although she should be accused for doing this.
  • The woman wanted to get pregnant as fast as possible and at the same time, was in intimate relations with her husband or lover. And until the child was born, parents could not find out whose baby it really is.

These are not all situations that can happen, when you are looking for Surrogates through Internet .

  1. Specialized juridicial establishment

By choosing this option, you choose the reliability. The only disadvantage is the cost. But it is not as significant when you consider that  looking for surrogate mother by yourself, you can lose more money. Applying to the Agency, the contract  between Biological parents and the Agency will be signed. All what is necessary is to check carefully the contract provided to you, the cost of all services and what guarantees you will have. If the company imposes any own conditions, does not offer a DNA test of the child born by a surrogate mother, guarantees implantation from the first attempt – all these are reasons to think over your choice.

Appealing to the Center for Human Reproduction “VittoriaVita”, you can be calm as we use an individual approach to any situation and to every patient, provide the best conditions and take into account all your wishes.

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