How to choose surrogacy agency in Ukraine?

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Choosing an agency that will help to create full and happy family  is an important decision and requires serious approach. Surely You will search the Internet, contact your friends or ask an advice from your local fertility specialist.

In this article You can find important characteristics for surrogacy agency match and  guidance how to choose the surrogacy agency in Ukraine at all. Currently, we can see that there are a great number of surrogacy agencies in Ukraine for You to choose. While some of them provide high quality  services , there are still many agencies that provide low quality services and  are not really honest. Surrogacy agency choosing is serious and deliberate step, which must be approached with responsibility and care.

Some agencies are not experienced enough.  Surrogacy is a very serious and demanding process and when choosing an agency think carefully if this or that agency can meet your requirement ,interests and needs.

During choosing the most appropriate Agency You should take into consideration these important points:

  • You will be working with the agency for a long period of time (all stages of the program can take 1 year or even more). Try to speak by phone to the people who will be working for you and try to estimate their personal and professional qualities. You should keep in touch with the people who will follow You during surrogacy program and try to speak by phone, estimating their professional qualities.
  • Surrogacy program can’t be too cheap, in Ukraine also. All the program requires many financial expenses(medical preparation, examination, all guest services, following Surrogate mother’s pregnancy,  childbirth, PGD, egg donation, legal services and documents preparation etc.)

So too low a price for the all-inclusive program should alert You.

  • A lot of Ukrainian surrogacy agencies are oriented on local Ukrainian  or Russian couples and this means they  can not ready to give You appropriate legal support and help with all issues associated with unknown country visiting. You should search the matter carefully and try to find those who have many references from foreign couples. We start our working process with foreign families since 2008. During this period of time more than five hundred infertile foreign couples  became happy parents with the help of IVF , egg donation, surrogacy and our support . Every member of our team improves professional skills and knowledge and we are happy from the ground of our hearts to give You our helping hand.
  • Not always websites ,blogs and testimonials that describe happy stories of biological parents are real and written by them.

‘VittoriaVita’ Center for Human Reproduction can provide You with contact details of couples ,whose little happiness was born or will be born soon with our support , and You can discuss all your questions.

  • You can also be in situation when Agency does not provide any agreement or Contracts  and asks  to pay money  without or before documents signing. You should pay your attention to this  fact and  ask to send You all documents in advance. In such a case You will have enough time to check all papers carefully and discuss all questionable statements.


‘VittoriaVita’Center for Human Reproduction  team has high standards of honesty ,openness and professionalism. We provide infertility treatment with the help of surrogacy programs using IVF, IUI,PGD,ICSI, egg and sperm donation. We have an individual approach to everyone and doing our best on your way of becoming parents.

Surrogacy motherhood program with “VittoriaVita” is absolutely safe, legal, easy and pleasant way to become  happy parents!

‘VittoriaVita’ team is working to make your dreams come true!

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