Comments: 0 | February 15th, 2018

In Australia, surrogate motherhood is prohibited by law and provides criminal responsibility for the receiving of money from biological parents. For this reason, infertile couples are looking for surrogate mothers in other countries, where surrogate motherhood is legal. But statistics show that in other countries the conditions for carrying a baby are worse, and this affects their health. 113 Australian couples were interviewed, who used the services of a surrogate mother in India and Thailand. 56% of pregnancies were multiple, 46% of children were born prematurely. These negative factors affected the health of newborns.

Australian clinics have indicators much lower. Therefore, doctors are concerned about this situation. Most recently, Australian doctors working in the field of reproductive medicine, issued an appeal to the government of the country with a call to review the law on the prohibition of surrogate motherhood. In some states of Australia, “non-commercial surrogate motherhood” is allowed. And a married couple, and a woman who agrees to carry a child for them for money, may be penalized. The resolution of “commercial” surrogate motherhood in Australia also has an economic interest. Treatment of children born by a surrogate mother will take place in Australian clinics. But the Prime Minister rejected the proposal for the legalization of surrogate motherhood in Australia.