Program “NEW LIFE”

IVF using own egg cells and sperm of the partner/husband
with PGD and embryo gender determination


Main advantages of the program:

vv_icoTime and money saving – everything is included to the program, so you do not need to spend an extra time and money on your trip and accomodation;

vv_icoGenetic research of embryos on the presence of genetic diseases (PGD) is the guarantee of the birth of your healthy baby;

vv_icoDetermination of gender of embryos;

vv_icoHigh percent of success –our partners are the best obstetrician-gynecologists and reproductive specialists with extensive experience, so contacting VittoriaVita Center for Human Reproduction is a guarantee of the success of your pregnancy.



  • Transfer, accommodation for 2 visits, legal assistance and translator;
  • preliminaty medical tests;
  • the best treatment method selection;
  • medications for preparation;
  • supervision of the process of ovarian stimulation using Ultrasound scans and reproductologist’s recommendations;
  • extraction of eggs under anaesthesia and ultrasonography control;
  • sperm cells preparation;
  • egg cells fertilization;
  • embryo cultivation till 120 hours;
  • genetic research of embryos on the presence of genetic diseases;
  • transfer of embryos into uterine cavity;
  • cryo conservation of remaining embryos for 1 year;
  • dispensary monitoring of the development of pregnancy.


1st payment – on the day of the Contract signing = 3 500 euro

2d payment – on the day of ovarian puncture = 2 000 euro

Additional payment

  • Second attempt – defrosting and transfer of embryos (including all medicines) 1500 euro
  • Sperm donor 500 euro
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Comparative genomic hybridization, 24 chromosomes (diagnosis of 8 embryos; every next 300 euro additionally ) 2500 euro

Program is conducted by:

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna – Head Doctor of Medical center.

Strelko Galina Vladimirovna

Doctor of the highest category. Candidate of Medical Sciences

Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and
Embryology (ESHRE), American Society for Reproductive Medicine
(ASRM), Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine (USRM).

In 2004 – defended a thesis “Infertility treatment caused by
the polycystic ovary syndrome using ART.

The Program is supported by the team of specialists:

Ligirda Natalia Fedorovna

20 years of experience

Gesenko Elena Alexandrovna

20 years of experience

Mikitenko Dmitriy Alexandrovich

18 years of experience

Lazun Alexandr Nikolaevich

29 years of experience

Babina Galina Vasilievna

20 years of experience

Gryshchuk Yuriy Vladimirovich

US doctor
25years of experience

Omelchenko Vyacheslav Alekseevich

10 years of experience

Medical coordinator and VittoriaVita translators

5 years of experience

4 from 5 conducted by «VittoriaVita» programs are successful from the first attempt
(statistics of the patients in the age of 30-55 years, who used egg donation).


Online consultation.
  • Preliminary consultation per Skype, email or per Phone of our medical coordinator regarding the choice of the treatment mode the best fitting for you.

First visit – 1-2 days. Diagnostics and beginning of the program.
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
  • Appointment with the Doctor– preliminary medical examinations;
  • The choice of the most appropriate treatment kind for you – preparation of stimulation protocol. Medications receiving;;
  • The signing of the contract with VittoriaVita and medical documents for the program;
  • Excursions across Kyiv in free time.

Treatment due to the protocole – duration 12-20 days.
  • IVF program begins with stimulation, which is done with the help of hormonal medications and US control. This stage can be performed at Your place of residence. Ovarian stimulation is performed under the control of the Head Doctor of our Medical Center.
  • The fertility specialist VittoriaVita monitors the process to stimulation and the development of eggs on the ultrasound results.

Second visit to Medical Center – 7-8 days . Ovarian puncture and embryotransfer.
  • After a stage of stimulation You and your husband/partner need to come to VittoriaVita Medical Center. At this stage a woman has the puncture of follicles, and the man leaves the ejaculate. All the instructions for the preparation for puncture and passing of ejaculate, including and date of arrival to our Medical Center, You will receive from your Doctor.
  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
  • Extraction of egg cells under anesthetic and US- control;
  • Spermatozoa preparation;
  • Egg cells fertilization;
  • Cultivation of embryos 120 h. (till blastocysts);
  • Transfer of embryos into uterine cavity;
  • Cryopreservation of the embryos left;
  • Surrogate mother’s pregnancy development following.

Pregnancy development following.
    In 14 days after embryotransfer You should pass HCG blood test(human chorionic gonadotropin). It will show if pregnancy is developing. If the result is positive in one week the Ultrasound scan should be done.
    The pregnancy will be followed by Your local Doctor.

During all Your visits You will be supported by translator.