Join Surrogacy – Create a New Family

To be or not to be a surrogate is quite a controversial question for many women who want to help childless spouses but hesitate because of the religious issues, their friends and relatives’ attitude etc.

There is no doubt, being a mother is a real happiness. It’s a pity but some women can only wish to hold a tiny hand  and hear merry laugh of her such a “desired little happiness”. Others dream about the wealthy life for their children but don’t have an opportunity to provide it.

Love towards children, sincere desire to offer a helping hand, joyful feeling of creating new family or material fees  are different reasons which encourage women to become surrogates.

Surrogate pregnancy is not an easy task. Once a leader of one of the most well-known surrogacy agencies of the world Sherrie Smith said that “surrogate’s work” was the most difficult oneas it required full sacrifice “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any breaks for 9 months”.

So, can we blame a person who is ready for such a noble step even if because of some gratuity?