Surrogate Mother Salary. What does it mean?

If we speak about such called “surrogate mother salary”, we mean  a specially organized system of monthly fees for a surrogate to provide her with full good nutrition, support her family etc. As during pregnancy a surrogate can’t work, each full term (3rd, 6th months of pregnancy and after childbirth) she gets  bigger sums of money as compensations for loss of her salary. In addition to this, a surrogate is completely provided with all the necessary medicines and vitamins.  All expenses for passage, different checkups and examinations are always compensated. Except all this, a surrogate gets money for maternity  (convenient clothes for pregnant women).

After the childbirth when a surrogate  signs all the necessary documents at the notary, she gets the rest of money. Surrogate’s Application for the Registry Office  to register the intended parents as official parents of a baby can be viewed like a guarantee for a surrogate that she will be paid the whole sum of money agreed in the surrogacy contract.

During the surrogacy journey,  a surrogate is not just completely materially provided but also supported with our team members who are always ready to help.