Surrogate Mother Costs and Fees

Quite an important issue of “surrogate mother’s salary” is surrogate mother’s compensations. After each full term (3rd, 6th months of pregnancy and childbirth), a surrogate is paid special  fees. It’s quite clear that during surrogacy journey a surrogate have to take unpaid leave and, that’s why, she gets maternity compensations for  loss of her salary.

As it was pointed above, payment of surrogate mother compensations is divided into 3 parts. After the 3rd and 6th months of pregnancy, a surrogate receives 20% of the whole sum. The rest of sum is paid after the childbirth.

Such kind of payment seems to be a right guarantee for both: a surrogate and intended parents. On the other hand, it’s quite convenient for a surrogate as she doesn’t need to wait for money until the end of a surrogate journey.

In the cases of Cesarean section or some surrogate’s complications which are caused by pregnancy or childbirth, a surrogate, by all means, is paid additional compensations.