Signs and symptoms of male infertility

Nowadays infertility is a common disorder not only among women but also among men. In the world, around 15-20% of couples have problems with conception. In 40-50% of cases, infertility was considered  as a problem of the man and his reproductive function.

Unfortunately, if a man feels the first signs or symptoms of male infertility, he does not turn for help to the doctors. It is harder for men  to accept their infertility, although in 90% of cases it can be easier to cure than women’s.

What are signs and symptoms of male infertility?

In most cases, male infertility is not seen, the man feels good and leads an active sexual life. It lasts as long as he doesn’t want to be a father. Only when many attempts to conceive a child do not work, the couple have the first suspicions about the problems with fertility.


The most notable signs or symptoms of male infertility are:

  • swelling or edema of the testicles;
  • frequent headaches;
  • discomfort and pain in the groin;
  • reduction of hair  integument in the groin area;
  • проблемы во время полового акта; problems during coitus;
  • lack of orgasm or it’s delay ;
  • lack of sexual desire.

One of the main signs of male infertility is the inability to conceive a child for a long period.

If the woman has passed all examinations and passed all the tests, but they showed no problems of conceiving, infertility problem  exactly applies to men.

Second, but not less important than the main symptom of male infertility is the absence of ejaculation, which occurs when something blocks the sperm output. There are several processes in the male body that contribute to infertility is:

  • reducing the number of spermatozoids in the ejaculate;
  • unmoved or slow-moving spermatozoids;
  • poor quality of spermatozoids, their irregular shape;
  • the difficulty in moving of the sperm in the ejaculatory tract and with the selection out.

On the one hand, the presence of male infertility symptoms  is a good sign, because the man can just turn to specialists for treatment. When a couple for  a long time can not conceive a child, and they understand that the problem is related to the organism of the man, his stubbornness and fear of  awareness of this diagnosis very often lead to the breakdown of relationships.

Prevention of male infertility

Not to wait for the first symptoms and signs of male infertility the men must think about prevention from childhood. There are the rules which every man have to follow:

  • don’t forget to visit the urologist and surgeon;
  • keep sleeping schedule;
  • devote time to walking outdoors;
  • do not overdo with physical activity and trainings;
  • follow a full diet;
  • do not wear too tight underwear;
  • do not abuse alcohol and nicotine.

At the first signs of male infertility it is necessary to consult a doctor. Unfortunately, men are less likely to pass examinations than women, but to visit all the checkups and tests men need once or twice a year. This is necessary to avoid the development of diseases, and in case of detection of any problems, treatment may be successful and timely.