Surrogacy program “Two Surrogates – One Pregnancy”

Program with two surrogates on donor’s eggs with one confirmed pregnancy. Cost of the program “Two Surrogates – One Pregnancy” is 29 000 Euro.

Cost of the program includes:

vv_ico transfer: airport/hotel/clinic;How to define causes of infertility?

vv_ico accommodation at our mini hotel;

vv_ico interpreter’s services;

vv_ico preparation and translation of the medical documents;

vv_ico medical consultations;

vv_ico selection and preparation of an egg donor;

vv_ico selection and preparation of the surrogates;

vv_ico medical examinations, preparation, monitoring of the IVF program with ICSI (IMSI, PICSI);

vv_ico cryopreservation and storage of the rest embryos for 1 year;

vv_ico medical coordination of the surrogates during the whole program;

vv_ico monthly fees and compensations for surrogates;

vv_ico support and monitoring of surrogates’ childbirth;

vv_ico legal registration and support: legalization of the agreements, child’s registration at Civilian Registry Office, legalization of the documents at the Embassy.

Payment for the program should be conducted according to the following schedule before each stage of the program:

1st payment – 11 000 Euro – at the day of signing the contract with “VittoriaVita’ for the surrogacy program “Two surrogates – one pregnancy”

2nd payment – 6 000 Euro – at the 3rd month of surrogates’ pregnancy

3rd payment – 6 000 Euro – at the 6th month of surrogates’ pregnancy

4th payment – 6 000 Euro: after the childbirth ( at the date of the child’s registration and getting child’s birth certificate.

Additional payments:

vv_ico Second IVF attempt on the frozen embryos – 1 000 Euro

vv_ico Second IVF attempt on fresh embryos (egg donor+preparation of a surrogate) – 4 000 Euro

vv_ico Additional payment for twins – 4 000 Euro

vv_ico Gender selection – 2 000 Euro

vv_ico Surrogate’s Caesarean section – 500 Euro

vv_ico Loss of the surrogate’s uterus – 2 000 Euro

vv_ico Payments for the medications while incomplete pregnancy – according to checks

The program is conducted by the high-qualified team of our specialists: fertility specialist, embryologists, US and implantology specialists, geneticist, anaesthetic and medical coordinators. 4 of 5 IVF programs with egg donor are successful at the first attempt (statistic based on the women in the age of 30-55 who’ve used fresh donor’s cells). All our patients are provided with individual qualified approach and treatment.

Reproductive Centre and surrogacy agency in Ukraine

Doctor of Higher Category

Candidate of Medical Science. Member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine (USRM).

2004 – defended a thesis “Infertility treatment caused by the polycystic ovary syndrome using ART”. Due to the rich experience, G.V. Strelko performs the IVF cycles with the highest rates of successful pregnancy in Ukraine which attract patients from all over the world (including Europe and the USA).

Standard stages of surrogacy program using donor’s cells

1st visit –
Fertility specialist’s consultation. Preparation and signing the documents. Patients’ analyses and checkupsConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Selection and preparation of the egg donor according to the IP’s preferences and phenotypic dataFrom “VittoriaVita” base of egg donors
Selection and preparation of a surrogateFrom “VittoriaVita” base of surrogates
Synchronization of surrogate and egg donor’s cyclesConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Composition of the individual schedule of hormonal therapyConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Preparation of surrogate’s endometrium with estradiol and progesterone medicines (Proginova, Utrogestan)Conducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Ovarian stimulation of egg donorConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
On completion of follicles maturation ovarian puncture is performed and donor’s eggs are gotConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
On completion of follicles maturation Preparation of the sperm cells – spouse/donor’s sperm cell are prepared for the further fertilizationConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
In-vitro Fertilization (if there is a necessity, ICSI method is used) and embryo cultivation – eggs got from the follicular fluid are fertilized using in-vitro technology.Conducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Embryo transfer – embryos are transferred into the surrogate’s uterus through the cervical canal under the US controlConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Pregnancy diagnostics – stage of the laboratory diagnostics of
patient’s blood/urine and US
Conducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Support of the lutein phase during the stimulated cycle – supportive stage using such medicines like progesterone and its analogsConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
Drug-induced support of the pregnancy after using ARTConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
12-18th week of pregnancySurrogate’s registration at the antenatal clinic domiciliary: US and analysesCoordinator of “VittoriaVita”
Informing parents about the course of pregnancy of a surrogate (by phone, by skype, by mail) - the notice of results of analyses, examination and ultrasonography.Coordinator of “VittoriaVita”
2nd visit –
1-2days (on IP’s wish)
Fetus’ US at the 24th week of surrogate’s pregnancy + analysesConducted by the “VittoriaVita” fertility specialist
3d visit –
30-50 days
Visit for childbirth
Obligatory for Intended Parents: passports and marriage certificate with Apostille
Maternity House
Discharge from the maternity house. Registration of a childLawyers of

The total cost of treatment



Agent in Italy



Agent in Spain



Coming here for the first time you must have your passports, marriage certificate with Apostille and medical documents which confirm your health problems that cause infertility.

Make an appoinment for the program
(Helen – International Coordinator of IVF programs in Ukraine)

It's necessary to know that:

  • Method of treatment and IVF medical protocol of ovarian stimulation is selected individually for each patient by our fertility specialist
  • Patients get documentation about the quality and quantity of the received eggs/embryos
  • While embryo transfer fertility specialist select the best embryos and together with patient define the amount of embryos for its transfer (not more than 3)
  • After the IVF procedure egg/embryo freezing is performed (this package presupposes 1 free of charge year of storage)
  • In Ukraine surrogacy programs using donor’s eggs are allowed by the Ukrainian legislation and controlled by the Law №787 from 09.09.2013
  • Program “Success” is described according to its common and usual procedure and visits here. If there is a necessity, spouses might exclude or include some additional services (e.g. selection of another hotel, VIP services, restaurants). Cost of these services will be discussed during the talks and influence the total sum of the program. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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