Fertilization in humans – is the process of combining the egg and sperm and the merger of hereditary traits of parents, which leads to the formation of a new organism. In order to increase the chances of human egg fertilization need to know how to determine the time of conception. Middle of woman’s menstrual cycle, namely ovulation, is considered to be the most favorable time for this.

What influences on the sex of the baby?

Sex of the child depends on the sperm, which will be combined with the egg. Oocyte – carrier of sexual X-chromosome, and sperms are carriers of both X-chromosome and Y-chromosome. In that case, where the sperm merges with the egg with the X chromosome – will be born a girl (XX), and when a Y-chromosome – a boy (XY).


Some parents dream about a birth only of girl or boy. It was real due to modern methods of reproductive technology. Parents have the opportunity of planning of child sex with the help of in vitro fertilization. In this case, the process of fertilization is not in the humans body, but in artificial laboratory conditions. IVF – this artificial fertilization “in vitro”. This method is used not only for the treatment of infertility. IVF is also necessary for couples with hereditary diseases. They can be inherited through the female or the male line, respectively there is a need to plan sex of baby.

Preparing to conceive

Human fertilization process is very important, because as a result forms the embryo of the future child. He has a long and serious way. To have a successful birth and that your baby is born healthy, need to prepare for conception in advance. Even if you plan your pregnancy using of fertilization in laboratory conditions, for this you will still need preparation.

How to prepare the female body for pregnancy:

– Exclude the use of alcohol and nicotine in advance;

– Analyze your nutrition – add more foods, which are rich with vitamins and microelements;

– If necessary, gradually lose weight (without the use of strict diets);

– Exclude the use of drugs which may harm the pregnancy.

For some couples in vitro fertilization – the last chance to have a baby. Any unfavorable factor may affect the health of the future child, so the preparation for fertilization is very important. In addition, IVF is very expensive method and prepare for such an event should responsibly and in advance .

Fertilization in the humans body – responsible process of new life. It affects the whole life of couples and child. To achieve success, the couple need to understand responsibility and the importance of this procedure, pass all necessary examinations and thorough preparation.