What is the egg donor cost?

When couple make a decision to take part in the program of IVF with the help of donor egg they do not know what to start with, where they can find egg donor and how much it will cost.

Egg donor cost

Egg donation is ananonymous process.When egg donor is a friend or relative of the patient the information is not hidden. In any case  different examinations and medical analyses need financial expenses.

Cost of egg donor

We offer you from 3 to 5 egg donors, who meet the reqiurements of the patients. Every woman who donates the egg in our center, receives appropriate compensation payment , the amount of which depends on the quality and quantity of received material.

Average price for the services of egg donor  is up to 2000 Euro. It includes standard charges:

  • medical and psychological examination;
  • examinations aimed at identifying genetic or hereditary diseases;
  • medicines;
  • compensation payment to the donor .

Examinations, consultations and medical analyses are completely free for egg donor, also we  return to them  all the cost of transfer to our clinic.

The cost of donor egg may differ because of the additional surveys, but it does not include costs linked with IVF. You can be confident that the price you pay for donor eggs will match the result. Only through a thorough medical screening, we can guarantee the  state of the health of the donor.

IVF with egg donation is a very effective treatment for infertility, but it costs very high.  On average 60-65% of women who used this method, now have healthy children. Sometimes the effectiveness of IVF with donor eggs is 80%. Creating a complete family is worth it to choose this costly procedure.