How woman’s age does affect the conception?

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The process of egg cells maturation depends on the age of the woman. Since birth, there are up to 2 000 000 follicles in woman’s ovaries, but this stock is reduced by several times before the first cycle. Thus not all of them are high-quality, there are fewer and fewer healthy eggs with age.

Features of conception at different ages

20-24 years old – the best age for pregnancy. The probability of conception is 96%. Unfortunately, young women are not very responsible to this process and do not pay attention to the possible risks and complications that can harm the future baby. Bad habits, poor nutrition, stress and neglect of annual examinations can be a threat to pregnancy and health of a baby.

25-29. The success rate of conception is equal to 86%, miscarriage -10%. Regardless of the age you need carefully to prepare your body for pregnancy. At this age couples should reach out to fertility specialists only if you can not get pregnant for a year at a regular sexual life.

30-34. The probability of conception is up to 86%, miscarriage – to 20%. At the risk of termination of pregnancy, most women have developing of chronic diseases, which may adversely affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth. At this age, women need more responsible to start preparing for conception, visit the doctor, normalize weight, include in their diet healthy food and a complex of vitamins and minerals.

35-39. The success rate of conception does not exceed 78%, increasing the risk of miscarriage, the risk of having a child with down syndrome or other disabilities. At this age, female fertility is significantly reduced, so women more carefully monitor their health and are scrupulous about prenatal diagnosis. After 35 years increases the probability of the birth of twins.

40-44. Unfortunately, at this age about 90% of the egg cells have abnormal chromosomes, the endometrium becomes thinner, and therefore, the probability of successful conception of the child is very low. This does not mean that women over 40 can not get pregnant, they just need carefully to monitor their health and visit fertility specialist in time.

After 45. The probability of conception does not exceed 4%. At this age, to increase the chances of having a healthy child is possible only with the help of assisted reproductive technologies using donor genetic material.

To have children at any age, you need to be serious about your health and do not neglect the annual medical examinations. Health of the child depends on the parents’ health and their lifestyle.

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