The consumption of meat can affect the success of fertilization

Comments: 0 | October 23rd, 2015


According to new research, published on the website of the Fertility and Sterility magazine for men, women-partners of which pass through the treatment of infertility by means of the assisted reproductive technologies (ART), the consumption of different types of meat can be connected with indicators of successful artificial fertilization.

“Many researches showed that food allowance influences the fertility, however our diet is so various that it is difficult for us to reveal certain products making impact on ability to conceive. Our work showed that the quality of men’s sperm depends on a type of meat they eat”, – scientists from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine told.

More than 140 couples took part in the research passing for infertility treatment with the help of IVF procedure. Men were asked to provide the information of food they eat, including the type and quantity of the used meat. As a result appeared that the total amount of meat in a food allowance doesn’t influence the success of fertilization in artificial conditions. However among those who ate generally chicken meat, the success was in 13% more probable in comparison with men who didn’t eat the chicken meat.

The most optimum for conception was a diet with the smallest quantity of products from the processed meat – sausages, bacon and canned food. The chances to conceive the child increased for 28%. Though the research didn’t confirm the cause-effect relationship, the scientists came to the conclusion that the use of the processed meat reduces the probability of fertilization while the use of fowl improves chances.