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The first surrogate mother, as it is mentioned in The Old Testament, appeared 2000 years B. C. Sarah the wife of elderly Adam suffered from infertility and hired her maid Hagar to give birth to their child. In our country, up to 150 women each year give birth to babies for other people, often for foreigners. For childless couples this is the chance to become the parents of their own children, for Ukrainian women it is the opportunity to earn not bad sum of money and to help other couples to feel the happines s of parenthood.

According to some reports, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, Ricky Martin and thousands of other people were able to become the parents with the help of surrogate mothers.

 Surrogacy, what is it?

It is the help for infertile couples to become parents. The birth of a child is always happiness and joy. And if there is one more child appeared in this world, then we should be happy and congratulate parents. The Сenter for Human Reproduction VittoriaVita is the leading agency for the support of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine. Our experts carefully select a women who can carry baby for those who want but can not have a child. Not every woman can become surrogate mother , some of them can not be in the program because of health condition, others do not fit by age. Many women who want to become a surrogate mother think they are doing a favor. Nowadays You can easily find women who will be happy to carry Your baby through the Internet, but this method is not really safe and you can be not protected legally.
It is forbidden to use the eggs of a surrogate mother. In fact then she can apply for the appeared child and the law will be on her side.

By law, a woman who acts as a surrogate mother has nothing common with the child and no rights for the baby, she only acts as an incubator for someone’s heir.

For some people surrogacy in recent years has turned into a business. Women can give body for hire for 9 months and get a pretty good income for it. Also, biological parents will have to pay additional fees if twins appear in the world or complications arise during childbirth. These are some of the reasons why to choose help of professional team who will support you with all necessary medical, administrative, juridicial, guest services. Working with VittoriaVita you will have surrogate mother with good health and who is not only interested in financial compensation but also wants to give her helping hand on your way of becoming parents. You will have an opportunity to have a personal meeting with your surrogate before contract signing, Skype conference is also possible. During all the program you will have informational support from our Patient Coordinators and receive all results of medical tests, Ultrasound checks , and all other important information.

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