Stress negatively affects female fertility

Comments: 0 | August 16th, 2016

During the day many women face different conflict and stressful situations that do not go unnoticed. The researchers decided to find out whether systematic stress causes infertility.

They offered  women aged  from 21 to 45 to pass several psychological tests . As a result, it was found that women with severe depressive symptoms, the probability of conception reduced by 38%. Depression of participants is associated with dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which can negatively affect the menstrual cycle and fertility.  More than 2,000 women of all ages took part in the research.

Therefore, women who are in constant stress, constrainedly destroy the chances of the ability to have children. To find a way out of this situation, scientists have started detailed study of this problem.

RFRP3 hormone and its effect on fertility

Experts of research center in the United States found that the cause of this infertility type is RFRP3 hormone. When a woman’s body is under constant stress, her brain starts to produce the hormone. The result of increasing of RFRP3 level has the effect of disabling the reproductive system, i.e., it blocks the probability of conception.

To understand how it affects fertility, it was carried out an experiment on rats in California. 3 weeks they were under constant stress. Result: pregnancy didn’t occur or miscarriage happened.  It was detected the excess of RFRP3 hormone in blood. After a long observation after rodents , they were left alone. The effects of overstresses were felt for a long time, level of RFRP3 was high, but gradually decreased. Over time, the reproductive function was completely renewed.

Now many laboratories and experts are working on drugs that would be able to block the RFRP3 hormone. Such an experiment has presented to women who are under the constant stress, the chance to have children.

Women who are constantly under stress, it is important to keep yourself in a positive psychological and emotional state to have successful conception.

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