Who is your sperm donor? PhD or just dropout?

Comments: 0 | April 8th, 2015

Cheating in sperm donation industry.  Who is the “future father” of your child? Healthy, educated and respectable sperm donor or man with criminal past?

Starting  a family Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson (a couple from Ontario) were absolutely sure that selecting a sperm donor from a reliable Canadian sperm bank a biological father of their baby would be a handsome, absolutely healthy, mature and educated man with a degree in artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, Angela and Margaret are one of the other 35 couples who were cheated by Xytex Corp.

Huge base of sperm donors who’ve passed various psychological and medical tests, extended profiles full of genetic and social information in addition to numerous photos encouraged Ms.Collins and Ms.Hanson to choose Xytex company among the other sperm banks approved by Health Canada. They couldn’t even expect that in 7 years after given birth to their son they would get to know that their sperm donor was just a schizophrenic college dropout. Absence of any degrees, criminal record for burglary and a large  mole  on his cheek is a significant addition to donor’s profile which was omitted before.

Ms. Collins and Ms. Hanson might never get to know the truth if not few emails from Xytex Corp. in error with stated real name of their sperm donor – James Christian Aggeles. 10 minutes were enough for couple to reach that all the information provided by Xytex was just outrageous lie.

Another 15 couples who were cheated by Xytex Corp. are going to join the litigation  and together with Angela Collins and Margaret Hanson seek damages for pain, suffering and financial losses in a long court examination against one of the hugest Canadian sperm banks.

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