Second hand smoke as a cause of infertility

Comments: 0 | June 11th, 2015

Be careful. Second hand smoke causes female infertility

Numerous medical researches confirm that second hand smoke might cause female infertility and increases the possibility of miscarriage. Such disappointing conclusions were made by Wilmot Cancer Institute. Nearly 4000 non-smoking women were diagnosed and examined during the research. Four in five were second-hand smokers during their life.

50% of them were growing up in the family of smokers and nearly 2/3 of them were suffering from second-hand smoking in the course of the research. According to the results, women who had to breath tobacco as a passive smoke at least 6 hours a day being a child or an adult, later faced problems with conception and bearing a child to term. In such a way, active female smokers are under much worse conditions.

According to another research, second hand smoke is quite dangerous because of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder syndrome (ADHD) children usually suffer from. The most addicted to this are children who spend 1-2 hours a day in a  room stinking of cigarettes.

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