Are you ready to become parents?

Comments: 0 | August 3rd, 2018

Before give birth to a baby or turn to services of surrogate mother, it is necessary to make sure that you are ready to become mother and father, change your life once for all. With the appearance of the child your life won’t be alike previous one, it will become better and happier, although you’ll have to face a lot difficulties. Decision to become parents – it is decision of two persons, so you have to prepare to the process together with your significant other, after discussion of all important issues.

Overview your relationships!

If you believe that problems will fade away with the birth of baby and child will help to keep family together, this is not true. In practice, everything is exactly opposite. If you had certain misunderstood and difficulties with your partner, then with the birth of a child everything will get even worse. So both of you have to settle everything between each other, before making of decision to become parents. You have to rise baby in love rather than use child to save your relationships.

Who will take a maternity leave?

Nowadays, when women work equally as men and succeed in a career, such question is quite actual. Decide beforehand, who will keep the family and who will stay at home with baby. Maybe, you can turn to the services of nanny and rise your child without breaking away from work or you can work distantly? This question have to be settled before childbirth. Choose any variant that would fit for your family and it will be right one.

Financial side of issue

Having a baby leads to expenses, and we are talking not only about diapers and rattles, but also about future, when you’ll have to help him set on his\her legs. Especially, this question is actual, when couple turn to services of surrogate mother, because the procedure isn’t cheap. It’s better when all financial issues are settled beforehand and plan your budget in that way, so you could give to the child everything that is required.

Nannies, Grannies and other help

To handle such tiny creature, while doing all the work around the house, a woman needs help. It is great when there are grandmothers nearby ready to give you helping hand for free. But in any other way it will be question of nanny or maidservant. Discuss this in advance and decide who will help you to cope with all matters.

How we going to raise the child?

It is common case, when father let the child do everything he or she want, and mother acts in the opposite way, trying to keep baby in severe frames, never leads to something good. It’s curious that style of child’s raising is very important question that have to be discussed before pregnancy. Find the way, that will satisfy both mother and father. During whole this process you have to work as a team, move in same direction and support each other.

While planning a pregnancy and waiting for the baby for 9 months, prepare as it should to the birth of a new member of the family. Nature is smart enough, and gives enough time for future mothers and dads to get used to the new status, learn as much information on the care and upbringing of the child as possible, and be completely ready for the appearance of the long-awaited baby.