Physical Activity while Pregnancy

Comments: 0 | May 21st, 2015

Active Lifestyle while Pregnancy – Easy Delivery and Good Shapes after it

As a matter of fact, physical activity  is very useful during pregnancy. It contributes to the strengthening of muscles preparing female body to the delivery, trains  endurance and  helps to return to the previous body shapes after the child birth.  But leading active lifestyle doesn’t mean to train to the max.

During pregnancy your body produces special hormone, relaxin, under influence of which muscles and joints weaken.  In such a way, woman’s body prepares for the further delivery. That’s why, it’s very important to select the proper exercises and  their techniques correctly.

We’ll suggest you the list of the useful physical activities which help you to feel better during the course of pregnancy.

  • Walking while pregnancy. Walking contributes to the better work of cardiovascular system of the pregnant. At the same time, it doesn’t have any negative effect on the knee-joints and muscles.
  • Swimming while pregnancy. Doctors and fitness trainers agree on the fact that swimming is one of the most safe and effective type of physical activity for the pregnant woman.
  • Aqua aerobics while pregnancy. Many women are fond of aqua aerobics. Special exercises in the water are useful for knee-joints and help to reduce edema of legs from which most women suffer at the late terms of pregnancy.
  • Dancing while pregnancy. Dancing to favourite music at cozy home atmosphere, you make favour to the work of heart. But don’t forget to avoid harsh jumps and movements. Slight technique of dancing is the key aspect in this.
  • Aerobics. Doctors advise pregnant women to visit special aerobic courses to get the right load necessary for the organism.

Hope that our tips will help you to feel better while pregnancy making bearing a child really amazing time of your life.

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