Paralyzed Woman Became a Happy Mother due to Surrogacy

Comments: 0 | May 22nd, 2015

Surrogacy – Makes your Dreams Come True

Five years ago Rachelle Friedman Chapman become paralyzed after falling to the pool at her bachelorette party which caused damages of her spinal cord. But on April, 27 she became a happy mom of a girl due to the surrogacy program.

After the accident which happened in 2010 Chapman who is 29 now can move and use her shoulders and arms normally again. But she still lacks dexterity in her fingers. That’s why, Chapman will face some problems with changing diapers for small Kaylee. But this is, of course,  happy experience.

Young spouses got acquainted with their surrogate mother in 2004 studying at East Carolina University. Being just acquaintances, Humes got to know about Chapman’s desire to become a mom due to surrogacy from her blog in Internet. Damages of 2010 prevented a paralyzed woman from carrying a child this on her own. Getting an approval message from Humes, everything started.

After the successful IVF attempt nine months passed quickly and on one of April days at 10.46 am  Humes gave birth to a wonderful girl, 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

This amazing story  was fulfilled due to the team of professionals of famous American surrogacy agency “Surrogacy Together” which helps people to reach their dreams.

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