Kisspeptin – innovation in infertility treatment

Comments: 0 | June 19th, 2015

British scientists have determined the hormone which might become real escape for women suffering from infertility. Scientists in the sphere of infertility treatment continue studying  the influence of this hormone on the birth level using IVF aiming to increase the successful rates of infertility treatment.

This hormone is called kisspeptin. It’s presupposed that such a hormone might be a catalyzer for the production of gonadotropin hormone. Gonadotropin, in its turn, increase the production of two hormones which stimulate female ovulation and male sperm production.

Properties of kisspeptin which might influence birth rate were estimated in 2014 in the course of the medical research performed by London Imperial College. Hormone levels of women who had successful pregnancy and miscarriages were compared. Women who had miscarriage were characterized by very low kisspeptin level (nearly for 60% less than women who gave birth to child in term).  Besides, kisspeptin might reduce the risk of syndrome of ovarian hyperstimulation, quite dangerous health conditions for women who use IVF.

Nowadays, few medical researches are dedicated to the detailed scientific studying of kisspeptin which soon might become effective innovation in infertility treatment.

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